Monday, 25 May 2009

This Little Light - A Project

This Little Light is my newest project, based on the simplest of ideas and a single emotion that connects us all; hope.

Please take a moment and check out the link on the right. This Little Light needs the contributions of people just like you to be a success.

A welcome

My name is Leah, I find writing about myself the most difficult thing of all.
I've seen so much and been shown even more, things that inspire me, things that I want to share and things that allow me to grow. I search for the creative angle even when there doesn't seem to be one and always find myself wishing I didn't have to wear shoes.
Mostly I think I just want to spread a little joy while following my heart and experiencing all of life that I can. I want to inspire people with the things that I do and the art that I make because success to me is worthless unless you're able to touch people with your actions.

I get itchy feet staying in the same place for too long, I look forward to the day when someone will see something I do and thank me for making them smile. The people around me and the moments we share are the best source of motivation I could wish for, moments are precious, remembering and recording them even more so and surrounding myself with positive, adventurous and loving individuals will always be enough. I get frustrated by those who try and dampen dreams, and by T.V, I can't stand that we seem to have lost the ability to entertain ourselves with our own imagination these days. If I could I'd spend my life living out of a suitcase, taking pictures and meeting kind hearted people who believe in the journey more than the destination, people who share my goals and my love of dancing to tunes by men old enough to be my grandpa.

I love flowers, Summer and books. I love taking the things around me and molding them into the vision only I see, then putting that onto paper or film in the hope that someone will see it, and use it to mold their own vision. I love the early morning and quoting Jack Kerouac, eating snack foods instead of meals and trying my best yet still being the worst actress known. Sometimes I think had I been born in 70's America everything would make much more sense, and that deep down I'll always want to live my life like the girls Bruce Springsteen sings about. To me, freedom and understanding, belief and love are all that really matter, and Zen proverbs and Yoga probably mean more to me than they should.

It's a shame it's so cliche to be a romantic because all comes back to the heart in the end. Mostly, I'm a dreamer, a drifter, a lover and an artist. A dancer, a night cat who can never manage sleeping past 8:30, a beach lover, flower child and a fan of cheesy old detective dramas. My name is Leah, I adore that there's so much left to see and so much to learn, that making a difference only makes a difference if you mean it and that I forever get away with stealing the covers.